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Note down conversations

Case: Read together with Personal AI in Canvas & take notes

With Canvas, your AI will have even more amazing applications.For example, open a document or link in Canvas that you want to read. During the reading, you can quote anything and discuss it with the AI. For valuable content, with just a sentence, you can turn them into a note with clear structure.

Case: Discuss and learn from personal AI, and one click to note down all information

Your AI possesses an extensive repository of knowledge, making it a valuable resource for exploring any area of interest or addressing any perplexing issue you might encounter. Feel free to engage in discussions with your AI for insightful perspectives and solutions. The discussions that are beneficial to you can be automatically organized into a note at your fingertips.

Find notes in no time

Case: Your Personal AI remembers your notes and will find it for you

Don't know where your note is? With one cue, Mindos can find it in no time.

Quick notes

Quick Notes can help you quickly record fragmented content, such as sudden thoughts, blog articles you want to read later, or papers you wish to read, and so on.

You just need to drop the content to your Personal AI. And it's like having a buddy who never forgets.Your AI can understand the content you drop in, whether it's documents, images, or links. You don't need to say much, just drop things in, and your AI will be able to comprehend and process them, easily helping you find them when you need them in the future

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