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Your second-brain to remember everything and enlighten you anytime.

Quick start

Set To-dos & Reminders

  • Use "Add" - "Text" to enter "Remind me to ..."

  • Or use "Speak" to say "Remind me to ..."


  • You can specify a time in the input, such as "Remind me to call my mom at 12"

  • You can include multiple items in the input at the same time, such as "Remind me to buy tickets tomorrow, and send the tickets to the kids the day after tomorrow."

Dump Thoughts, Get Inspired

  • Use "Add" - "Text" to dump random thoughts

  • Or use "Speak" to dump random thoughts


  • If you don't specifically say "Remind me to ...", the input will be recorded directly by default.

  • Use "Add" - "Link" to add a link

Add Images to log daily meal or build art collection

  • Use "Add" - "Image" to add a picture

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