Memory and Discussion helps memorize, organize and ampily your thoughts! Read the use cases below to make the most of Memory and Discussion.

Use Case

Capture Your Thoughts

Easily jot down your ideas with MindOS Memory Twin's simple note-taking features. Whether it's a memorable quote from a book, a favorite saying, or even a fun animal name you heard, just use the "Quick Note" option for a fast entry.Have a document or a PDF you can't read right away? No worries! Save it as a "File Note" for later.With the "Image Note" feature, turn your pictures into well-organized notes that you can find easily later.

Engage with Your Twin Based on Shared Memories

Your Memory Twin isn't just for organizing. It's also your chat buddy, using your shared memories to start conversations personalized for you. Start chatting with your Twin using the chatbox at the bottom of the page, and it'll bring up memories for a meaningful talk.

Turn Conversations into Notes

Make your discussions organized notes for later use. Use "Note to Chat" to turn your entire chats into notes that you can refer back to. Your Memory Twin will make sure they're arranged neatly, so you can find what you need easily.

Find Forgotten Notes Easily

Everyone forgets things sometimes, but Memory Twin has your back. Forget the name of a restaurant you wanted to try? Just describe it to your Twin, like "What's the Thai restaurant I mentioned last week?" It'll find it for you in no time.

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