Search Realtime Info

Connect your Memory Twin directly to the Internet, enabling it to conduct Google searches for specific information on your behalf. Stay informed and up-to-date effortlessly.

With Search Realtime Info, Memory Twin enhances your access to information with:

  1. Conversational Search Queries: Effortlessly search for any information by simply conversing with Memory Twin. Whether it's current news or industry data, you can get answers instantly.

  2. Autonomous Information Retrieval: When Memory Twin requires new information online to complete tasks or verify facts, it autonomously performs Google searches. This ensures that the AI provides you with credible, up-to-date information, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of its assistance.

Showcasing Information Expertise

From conducting instant searches to providing real-time data, All ACCESSED:

Search Realtime Info: a Tour

  1. Switch It On: Navigate to the [Abilities] tab within Memory Twin. In the Productivity section, you'll find the Search Realtime Info ability. Switch it on.

  2. Start Your Inquiry: Ask your Memory Twin for latest news, sports scores, financial updates, etc.

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