Manage Calendar

Let Memory Twin take charge of your scheduling with the "Manage Calendar" ability. It can check, add, delete, and edit events in your Google Calendar, keeping your time management hassle-free.

With Manage Calendar, Memory Twin transforms your scheduling by providing:

  1. Efficient Event Management: Easily add, delete, or edit events in your Google Calendar with natural language, making calendar management straightforward and efficient.

  2. Smart Scheduling: Memory Twin suggests optimal timings for your events based on your past preferences and schedule, helping you avoid conflicts and optimize your day.

  3. Automatic Reminders: You can also properly set up Automations to stay on top of your schedule with timely reminders and updates from Memory Twin, ensuring you never miss an important event or meeting.

Showcasing Calendar Mastery

From organizing events to managing your schedule, All HANDLED:

Manage Calendar: a Tour

  1. Switch It On: Navigate to the Abilities tab within Memory Twin. In the Productivity section, you'll find the Manage Calendar ability. Click [Connect].

  2. Grant Access: Follow the prompts to complete the Google authentication. Make sure to give Memory Twin the permissions it needs to access and edit events in your calendar.

  3. Ready to Roll: Ask your Memory Twin to check your upcoming schedule, or add a new event.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

We understand the importance of privacy for our users. With the Manage Calendar ability, we connect to Google's service (Google Calendar) strictly to provide functionality — no personal information is ever stored on our servers.

We are committed to upholding user privacy, always adhering to stringent data protection regulations such as the US Data Privacy (USDP) standards and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your trust is our top priority, and we ensure that your data remains confidential and secure while using our services.